Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bad Luck

The past few weeks have been strange. I'd say Murphy's Law was at its best. Everything that could break broke and different sorts of repairmen came and went. Things that needed replacing for over 8 years were done in the past month. I spent most of my time hanging around for them instead of "being creative" as I would have preferred.

Why is it that when one thing breaks and you call in the repairmen, they almost always end up breaking something else. When you think nothing else can go wrong, you slump in the armchair and heave a big sigh. That's the exact moment two cats decide to have a fight and somehow--I still don't know how--bump into the modem and crashes it on the floor. In the crash, one of the pins of the two-pin adaptor breaks off and the only place you can get it replaced fools you into buying the wrong one. You return home and try it, get frustrated and curse a lot. And then suddenly, illumination! You remember that HP laptop that always gave you trouble and take it out of hibernation. Bingo! The adaptor is the perfect fit. You had it right under your nose and spent a whole Saturday morning looking to buy one.

Today I'm going to turn my luck around. I'm going to sit and write 1000 words or more.

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