Sunday, September 6, 2009

Felix is gone

Felix started visiting us in 2002 when he was just a kitten. He belonged to our neighbor Chloe but he took all his meals with our cats. Then one day, he decided to move. He took his Pink Panther cuddly and moved in with us. It was only days later that we found the toy. Chloe wanted him back but he wouldn't go. He wouldn't even look at her. It appears Felix didn't appreciate being left alone when Chloe and her mum went away for weekends and longer holidays. We returned the Pink Panther, but Felix stayed.

Over the years, he became a big and healthy tom-cat who protected his territory as well as he could. He was a fighter. He'd spend days and nights outside--only coming in for his meals--watching and getting rid of stray cats. Then a few months back we noticed he was eating less and less. We called the vet but he found nothing wrong. He was given a multivitamin injection and ate a little bit the next day. I tried feeding him with my fingers but he licked just enough sauce to keep alive. Then last week, he stopped eating altogether. We called a new vet who after examining Felix, said he was constipated and prescribed paraffin. When it didn't work, he asked for permission to do a laparatomy--we don't have ultrasound facilities for animals in this country.
On Friday, he did the laparatomy and found Felix's liver grossly enlarged and full of nodules. After consultation with his advisor, he told us nothing could be done to save Felix. It was either close him up and keep him until he went naturally or put him to sleep. Not wanting Felix to suffer anymore, we opted for the latter.

Felix is now in the hands of his Creator. He gave us many years of love and fun. I'm glad he chose to live with us. We all miss his presence. RIP, Felix. We'll meet again.